Traveller Land Grab - The Obeyery of Stave

Technology of the Obeyery

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The Obeyery of Stave have achieved a technological level of 2 (early Gurps 5)

The technological profile per Gurps First In follows;

Physical Technologies

Physical Science Tech Level 5 The first synthesis of celestial and local laws of motion, usually along the lines of Newtonian mechanics. Engineering begins to rely on rigorous mathematics and empirical investigation of materials.
Materials Tech Level 4 Hard steels, advanced masonry techniques
Energy Tech Level 4 Mechanical means for energy storage (clockwork)
Information Tech Level 4 Movable-type printing, making printed material cheap and commonplace. Long distance communication supplemented by organised semaphore networks. Development of calculus.
Vehicles Tech Level 3 Incremental improvements in land transport (improved animal harness, animal shoeing, and so on). Sailing vessels now srike out across open ocean, although navigational methods are still rudimentary. Some cultures begin experimenting with rockets and kites.
Weapons Tech Level 4 Black-powder weapons (matchlocks and flintlocks). Mass tactics involve techniques for managing volley fire). Cannons are now standard heavy artillery.

Notes: The Tech Level 3 for sailing vessels applies to their construction, navigation is at the TL4 standard. Obeyery rifles tend to be large even for Tech Level 4. The increased strength and size of the Obeyery allows them to handle larger weapons easily. Beware of the Obeyery version of a wall gun. They have also developed a number of rockets used as artillery.

Biological Technologies

Biological Science Tech Level 4 Further incremental advances in biological understanding. Discovery of microorganisms, and the cellular structure of living tissue.
Medical Technology Tech Level 4 Further incremental advances in medicine in medical diagnosis and treatment.
Environment Tech Level 4 Incremental improvements in agriculture and city planning.
Traveller Land Grab - The Obeyery of Stave