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Psychology of the Obeyery

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The Obeyery are similar in some respects to the Vargr in that they are always trying to show each other who is boss. Scholars have also drawn parallels with ancient Norse culture on Terra. The Obeyery are prone to boast about their deeds, but would find themselved humiliated and shunned if they could not back up their boasts.

The Obeyery are drawn to leaders who can demontrate their skills. These leaders becomming the lords of the individual Reya, or packs/clans. As long as they can continue to demontrate their fitness to rule they continue to do so. This makes the achievments of Velesry Lery, the current Pelery (Lord High Protector) of Stave, very remarkable in managing to unite a world spanning technologically backward culture into a single people.

Beliefs to the contrary the Obeyery were briefly united in the past around the year 622, under Basa Lery, who first named himself Pelery of Stave, but broke up into squabbling Reya on the death of Basa. The unity under Velesry at this time looks like it will survive his death.

Obeyery are very gregarious, a heritage of their origins as pack scavengers. They tend to become very depressed without company. But in small groups they revel. This applies as equally to off-worlders as it does to other Obeyery. As a result, despite their low technology a number of Obeyery have made it off world. A delegation sent by Velesry Lery was also sent to Sheyou in an effort ro raise funds for an upgrade to the starport.

The Obeyery tend to favour bright colours in elaborate patterns. Different Reya tending to favour different combinations. Though there do not seem to be any hard and fast rules about it.

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