Traveller Land Grab - The Obeyery of Stave

Physiology of the Obeyery

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The Obeyery are an amphibious non-human species native to the moon Stave. They are large omnivores, decended from some sort of marsh scavenger. (Research into the races origin is very sketchy.)

The species has two sexes, the adult males being some ten to twenty percent more massive than the females. A full grown male will average around 400 kilograms in mass and will stand around 3 meters in height, though an occasional one of 3.6 meters has been reported. Females obviously are somewhat smaller.

They are covered in a fine waterproof fur covering, brown being the most common, but other colours, including chocolate, lilac, and blue are known to exist. The fur is very good insulation and it is now known that in the past Obeyery were hunted for their pelts.

They are truly amphibious, having "gills" on each side of their necks. A microscopic symbiotic organism often takes up residence here, cleaning the "gills" while gathering nutrients from their surface. The presence of this organism gives the "gills" a distinct blue colouration. Even Obeyery that rarely enter water can show evidence of this organism.

Obeyery produce live offspring, usually a single, though multiple births are not unheard of, after a gestation of approximately 210 standard days. They are born blind and remain close to their mothers. The eyes open at about seven days. At this time they are fed upon regurgitated food. The young mature rapidly, reaching maturity at approximately 13 standard years.

Onset of aging is somewhat earlier in Obeyery compared to humans, and few would be likely to live much past 65 years. The low technological development lowers the average age of death still further.

The Obeyery still follow an omnivorous diet, and tend to favour the more strongly flavoured foods, adding strong sources where necessary. An Obeyery "curry" though not fatal to humans is an experience few will repeat. Making the strongest human dishes seem mild by comparison. Unfortunately it is a traditional meal served at important occasions.

Traveller Land Grab - The Obeyery of Stave