Traveller Land Grab - The Moon Stave

The Moon Stave

Independent - Non Aligned

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World's Name: Stave
Diameter: 10476.2 km
Core Type: Molten Core
Density: 1.05 Standard
World Mass: 0.582 Standard
World Surface Gravity: 0.864 G
Mean Orbital Distance from Taves: 975,536.7 km
  Mean Orbital Distance of Taves: 0.3144 AU
  Orbital Period of Taves: 88.953 days
Orbital Period around Taves: 22.276 days
Rotational Period: Tidally locked to Taves
Rotational Period of Taves: 25.1 hours
Length of "Day" of Stave: 26.336 hours
Axial Tilt: 26 degrees 58 minutes 41 seconds
Orbital Eccentricity: 0.02
Seismic Stress Factor: 11
Atmospheric Composition: Standard Oxygen/Nitrogen mix
Surface Atmospheric Pressure: 1.05 Standard
Hydrographic Percentage: 60%
Base Temperature: 12 degrees celcius
Tectonic Plates: 8
Notable Volcanoes: 23
Native Life: Yes (Sentient)

Natural Satellites: None

Resources and Goods:
Natural Processed Manufactured Information
Agricultural Agroproducts Artforms
Traveller Land Grab - The Moon Stave