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History of the Obeyery of Stave

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The Obeyery are a minor non-human intelligent species native to the moon Stave. They are amphibious omnivores massing around 400 kilograms, and have been described as resembling a bipedal monitor lizard covered in fine short fur.

Origins and history

The Obeyery are a race of amphibious omnivores, who evolved in the numerous swamps and marshes found on Stave, from pack scavengers. The active geology as a result of tidal stress from the gas giant Taves forced the early development of intelligence in order to survive in a rapidly shifting environment. Loyalty was to the pack, a trait which still exists today, making the efforts of the Pelery (Lord High Protector) even more remarkable.

The Obeyery were largely ignored during the early days of the third imperium in the Spinward Marches, and although the Zhodani were certainly aware of the races existence records of contact are non-existent. One Reya (Pack) of the Obeyery were contacted by the third imperium in the late 300s and a fuel point was established as part of the trade link from Sansibar on one end to Regina on the other.

For fifty years trade flowed through Stave, very little of it staying in-system, and the Obeyery receiving very little benefit. The Imperial Scout Service did maintain a low key mission studying the race, but due to the proximity of the Zhodani it spent more time watching for Zhodani incursions than watching the Obeyery.

The Scout Service was therefore surprised when the Reya which lived around the fuelling station was violently displaced by another Reya. What fuelled the dispute is now conjectural as none of the scout service personnel survived this coup. It is thought that the price being paid for Stave corn to the growers, then as now the principal export from Stave, may have had something to do with it. Whatever the truth may be by circa 500 the fuelling station was abandoned. The Reya of Stave were in conflict with each other, and the trade link through Stave collapsed.

When the First Frontier War erupted in 589 Stave was an independent system. Visited by various free traders, both Imperial and Zhodani, trading for Stave corn. To deny the grain to the Zhodani the Imperium annexed the system. Ostensibly the reason given was to bring order to the turbulent Reya. The old fuel station was refurbished and a small naval base was established on Stave. Stave was to remain a part of the Third Imperium till then end of the Second Frontier War in 622 when Stave again became an independent world. It was at this time that the first Pelery, Basa Lery united the Obeyery under his banner, which entered Obeyery folklore as the Highsun staff. The united Obeyery did not survive his death and the Obeyery broke up into squabbling Reya.

Stave somehow managed to remain an independent system during the entirety of both the Third and Fourth frontier wars, exporting the Stave corn to anyone who wanted it. The Highsun Staff turned up in various hands during this period, and whereever it appeared the Obeyery united. It became a symbol for all the Obeyery.

During the 5th Frontier War the Zhodani 40th fleet occupied the system in 1107 and remained in position til the end of 1108. The 40th left a small garrison at the old fuelling station, which remained in the system when the 40th fleet left the system. The Zhodani 47th fleet did not reoccupy the world when it moved into the region, and by the end of the Fifth Frontier War in 1110 Stave was again independent. The Zhodani garrison was not evacuated but no trace of them has ever been found.

Towards the end of the Fifth Frontier War the Highsun staff again became prominent, and Velesry Lery, under this symbol, lead a confederation of Reya in a bloody war, finally defeating all the other Reya under his rule, and has since named himself Pelery of Stave (Lord High Protector). So far no one has challenged the Pelery. He has established his capital near the old refuelling station which has undergone major repairs and it likely to be upgraded if Pelery can get off-world finance for it.

Traveller Land Grab - The Moon Stave