Traveller Land Grab - The Obeyery of Stave

The Obeyery

2. Creating Obeyery Characters (GURPS 3rd Edition)

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Cost of Racial Template [12 points]

Obeyery are larger than humans, amphibious with gill equivelants and covered in fine waterproof fur.

ST +2 [20 points] Obeyery are larger and heavier than humans.
HT +1 [10 points]

Amphibious [10 points],
Gills [10 points],
Fur (DR1,keeps warm) [4 points],

Short Life Span [-10 points], Maturing 13y, 37y (9m), 52y (4m), 67y (2m)
Chummy [-5 points], This is similar to the Vargr gregariousness,
+2 reaction to others regardless of race if not chauvinists,
-1 to use mental skills if alone due to unhappiness
Sense of Duty Clan (Reya) [-10 points], Obeyery have a strong sense of loyalty to their Reya/Clan
Overconfidence [-10 points], Obeyery just know they will win
Weakness (Heat) [-5 points], 1d damage per 30 minutes. Obeyery being from a cool world are more suseptible to heat.
Boasting [-1 point], Obeyery tell tales of their deeds (not really boasting
as they are expected to be able to back claims).
Wear Bright Colours [-1 point] Obeyery favour bright clothing, unlike Vargr though Obeyery prefer their clothing colours to match.
Traveller Land Grab - The Obeyery of Stave