Traveller Land Grab - The Obeyery of Stave

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Possible Adventure Hook

1. For reasons which will become obvious I call this scenario MIA

The Situation

The Obeyery are eager for interstellar trade but are severely hampered by both the lack of a reasonable starport and their astrographic position between Zhodani and Imperial space. To try and overcome this Velesry Lery, the Pelery of Stave (Lord High Protector) arranged for a trade delegation to travel from Stave to Sheyou on the bulk carrier which ships Stave's few exports (principally Stave Corn) to Sheyou, Staves major export market.

Negotiations for finance to upgrade the starport were going well until the Zhodani raised the issue of the garrison left on Stave by the Zhodani 40th fleet. This garrison was not recovered when the 5th Frontier War ended and no trace of the garrison has been found.

Obviously the Zhodani Consulate want to know the fate of the garrison, and have made aid conditional on this.

Possible Approaches

I can see several approaches to this, players could be part of a Zhodani expedition to Stave to establish the garrisons fate. Native Obeyery can be attached as guides, local experts etc.

Or Imperials could be involved to dash the aid/trade deal, already most of Staves exports go to a Consulate world, a reorientation to the Imperium would be a propoganda coup. Players would then be trying to sabotage the Zhodani expedition without imperial involvment becoming known.

And what is the truth? What was the fate of the Zhodani garrison? I'm not telling, but note that Stave is not quite as united as reports indicate, perhaps the garrison is being held by a hostile Reya, or perhaps were slain by one. Or maybe the Pelery knows more than he is prepared to say?

This simple scenario can be played from either Zhodani, Obeyery, or Imperial sides. Even an independent trader could get involved as the Obeyery love company, including off-worlders.

Traveller Land Grab - The Obeyery of Stave