Traveller Land Grab - The Moon Stave

The Stave (Olivaar A/B) Star System

INDEPENDENT - NON ALIGNED - Part of the Traveller Land Grab

Stave/Cronor 0710
Return to the Stave system The moon Stave orbits the small gas giant Taves accompanied by seven smaller moons. The gas giant itself orbits the systems primary Olivaar A, a K9V star within the stars life zone, thus allowing Stave to have conditions favourable for the development of life.

The remainder of the system contains four other planets and a white dwarf star Olivaar B, which has no bodies of any significance orbiting it.

System Data

Orbit (In AUs) Name UPP Remarks
Primary Olivaar A K9V
  0.3144 Taves Small Gas Giant Size 40
  1   Ring System YR00000-0
  1   Reyne YS00000-0
  2   Alvarin YS00000-0
  2   Berith YS00000-0
  2   Norey YS00000-0
  3   Yerrin YS00000-0
  3   Steol YS00000-0
  5   Jelasti YS00000-0
* 15   Stave E7667A8-2 Ag
  0.6144 Yrtan Y410000-0
  0.9144 Estral Y4A0000-0
  1.51 Nysal YDA4000-0
55   Vendyl Y200000-0
  2.7 Obrysi YAA4000-0
  2   Alysaber YS00000-0
  5   Maldobry YS00000-0
  20 Olivaar B White Dwarf Companion
Traveller Land Grab - The Moon Stave