Traveller Land Grab - The Planet Nonym


Daryen (Darrian) Confederation - Part of the Traveller Land Grab

Nonym/Darrian 0301
Return to the Nonym system The small planet Nonym orbits a yellow main sequence star of spectral G0 main located in the Daryen (Darrian) subsector of the Spinward Merches.

The remainder of the system contains three gas giants, two planetoid belts and two other planets.

The planet Nonym, the main inhabited world of the system has managed to maintain a very thin oxygen/nitrogen atmosphere despite its small size. The world boasts enormous subterranean deposits of frozen and liquid nitrogen, oxygen and carbon-dioxide deposits, which are continually erupting onto the surface of the world. The process is believed to be at least partially biological in nature but the processes involved are not yet understood.

System Data

Orbit (In AUs) Name UPP Remarks
Primary Menanya G0V
  0.55 Inner Belt Y000000-0
  0.95 Rihra H100000-0
*1.20 Nonym C233898-A M Na Po
  2.15 Garorim G6A3466-9
3   Lotungih YS00000-0
4   Zdalz YS00000-0
6   Mbezer YS00000-0
  3.75 Outer Belt G000226-9
  6.95 Zgehndald Gas Giant Size 65
  1   Ring System YR00000-0
  8   Mangan Y100000-0
13   Yehlbhen Y100217-9
20   Lyakzen Y100000-0
13.35 Ldehnden Gas Giant Size 32
  1   Ring System YR00000-0
10   Pangkend YS00000-0
15   Rehrmang G200218-A Research Lab
22   Thorzehnd Y310000-0
30   Thondehny Y200000-0
26.15 Talbhang Gas Giant Size 40
  1   Ring System YR00000-0
10   Zehndar G200117-A Research Lab
15   Zbehsdat Y200000-0
23   Ryartha Y410000-0
Traveller Land Grab - The Planet Nonym