Traveller Land Grab - The Planet Nonym

The Planet Nonym

Daryen (Darrian) Confederation

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World's Name: Nonym
Diameter: 3748.97 km
Core Type: Molten Core
Density: 0.727 Standard
World Mass: 0.0184 Standard
World Surface Gravity: 0.213 G
Mean Orbital Distance: 1.2 AU
Orbital Period: 457.8 days
Rotational Period: 37 hours 16 mins 1 sec
Axial Tilt: 26 degrees 11 minutes 2 seconds
Orbital Eccentricity: 0.05
Seismic Stress Factor: 4
Atmospheric Composition: Very Thin Oxygen/Nitrogen mix
Surface Atmospheric Pressure: 0.15 Standard
Hydrographic Percentage: 32%
Base Temperature: 31 degrees celcius
Tectonic Plates: 8
Notable Volcanoes: 24
Native Life: Yes (Complex Animals)

Natural Satellites: None

Resources and Goods:
Natural Processed Manufactured Information
Ores Weapons Documents
Radioactives Mechanical Parts
Heavy Equipment
Traveller Land Grab - The Planet Nonym