Traveller Land Grab - The Planet Nonym

The History of Nonym

Return to the Nonym system

Like most other worlds in the Darrian subsector, outside of the Darrian group, Nonym was first explored and settled by the Darrians by their second generation of ships around -1370. However the system was not incorporated into the young Confederation.

The world had a marginal biosphere as the result of biological processes even now not understood, with a very thin atmosphere generated by outgassing from the planets interior. As the time of the Maghiz, Nonym became completely cut off from outside contact, and the Darrians left on Nonym regressed to tech level 7 before beginning to rebuild. Occasional visits by Darrian starships finally ceased around -860. Nonym was left apparently completely alone.

In reality Nonym was being covertly observed by the Zhodani. Assistance was not forthcoming from them though, and when a Zhodani vessel crashed onto the world the people discovered the deception. Aid was forthcoming though, from around -164 traders from the Sword Worlds began to enter the region. Settlers also reached the world and mingled with the descendants of the original Darrian settlers.

The location of Nonym meant that the system was never part of any of the Sword worlds states, while the presence of large numbers of Sword Worlders discouraged the Darrian Confederation from bringing the system into the Darian Confederation.

The situation began to change around 593 when the Sword Worlders invaded the Darrrian Confederations Entropic Worlds. When the Darrians retook these worlds in 788 Nonym was forced to accept a Darrian base. The locals largely resented this presence, and kept up a continual low level resistance to the bases presence.

With the outbreak of the Fifth Frontier war in 1107 several groups on Nonym saw an opportunity to have the Darrian base removed. There were a few violent outbursts. Following the end of the war the government of Nonym began to make more and more strident demands that the base be removed. A number of violent incidents raising the tension between the locals and Darrian forces further.

Darrian eventually responded by sending a squadron of their Star Trigger forces, threatening to destabilise the primary and effectively destroy the marginal world. The Darrian government has it that there was then a popular rebellion which overthrew the local government of Nonym, which although rated as an Impersonal Bureacracy by the Third Imperiam was a representative democracy, and were then invited in. Many of the locals are not accepting of this nor the formal annexation of the system by the Darrian Confederation, which followed.

As with several other recent additions to the Darrian Confederation, Darrian has been encouraging large scale migration to the world. The population having risen from around 620 million in 1117 to an estimated total of more than 900 million expected by 1201. Darrian has also invested heavily in the starport which is due to be rated class B by the same year.

Traveller Land Grab - The Planet Nonym