Traveller Land Grab - The Planet Cunnonic


Daryen (Darrian) Confederation - Part of the Traveller Land Grab

Cunnonic/Darrian 0802
Return to the Cunnonic system The planet Cunnonic orbits a dim class M0 main sequence star located in the Daryen (Darrian) subsector of the Spinward Marches.

The remainder of the system contains two gas giants and four other planets. There are no significant planetoid belts in the system.

The planet Cunnonic is unusual in that its speed of rotation is much higher than current theories on planetary formation would allow for. Amongst the explanations put forward to explain this are that the ancients altered the worlds rotation, or that an encounter with a passing body altered it. No evidence for either theory has thus far been found.

System Data

Orbit (In AUs) Name UPP Remarks
Primary Nehrind M0V
*0.25 Cunnonic E65767A-3 Ag Ni A:0
  0.60 Zbehsald Y100000-0
  0.95 Nyulbh Y300000-0
  1.65 Kembar YDC4000-0 Size 13 Subgiant
30   Thotuld YS00000-0
45   Zenghehl Y5A2000-0
65   Gehneng Y100000-0
  3.05 Dehmehs Gas Giant Size 55
  1   Ring System YR00000-0
  9   Nehrily YS00000-0
12   Ryoran Y100000-0
15   Zdehmbis Y100000-0
20   Zengel Y110000-0
23   Bihmbehl YS00000-0
26   Thaleh Y100000-0
  5.85 Naband Gas Giant Size 26
  1   Ring System YR00000-0
10   Lihza YS00000-0
13   Zgehreh YS00000-0
22   Pedand Y4AA000-0
27   Nyukih Y4A8000-0
30   Thalyayr YS00000-0
 11.45 Lehrar Y7C8000-0
Traveller Land Grab - The Planet Cunnonic