Traveller Land Grab - The Planet Cunnonic

The History of Cunnonic

Return to the Cunnonic system

The world of Cunnonic was first surveyed, and then settled by the Darrians around -1370 in the second wave of Darrian exploration. They found a world which by comparison to Darrian was hard, with dangerous life forms, extremes of weather and very active geologically. Despite these difficulties an outpost was established on the world.

The world proved a tough challenge for the Darrians, but the small settlement on Cunnonic, Thosan, slowly grew over the next four centuries with an influx of Solomani Darrians who were used to such worlds. The population split into eight factions, each establishing settlements elsewhere on the world, which hindered development. The principle source of income was from exporting luxury agricultural goods back to the Darrian core worlds and receiving manufactured goods and technology in return. It is likely this pattern would have continued but for the Maghiz, the solar flares in the Darrian system in 924. The flares effectively destroyed the Darrians interstellar society. The shockwave from these flares hit the Cunnonic system itself in 907 but caused only disruptions to communications and computer equipment.

However the few starships which survived the disaster were parcelled out amongst the other Darrian Core Worlds. Outer worlds like Cunnonic were effectively left without any interstellar capacity of their own. Contact with the Darrian Core worlds became more and more infrequent, and when in 860 the last working Darrian Starship failed to come Cunnonic found itself alone. The Darrians had produced their very own Long Night.

The colony on Cunnonic managed to hang on despite the worlds hardships, the technology slowly slipping back. Finally stabilising at TL3 (Gurps mid TL5). The population too had fallen, bottoming out at less than fifty thousand around the year 25. It then began to climb again reaching one million around 450. and had begun establishing new settlements such as Nehrayr. The technology available ensured that the various settlements would continue to be effectively independent of each other.

In 500 Cunnonic suddenly found itself part of one of the small states which rose and fell in the Sword World's. In this case the Tizon Assembly, which also included the systems of Tizon, Hrunting, Margesi, Mjolnir, and Gungnir. The population began to grow more rapidly as the Assembly planted more people on the world. The aggressive nature of the new arrivals resulted in much land being cleared and opened to agriculture and the various factions being ruled by Assembly appointed leaders.

In 604 the Tizon Assembly collapsed and Cunnonic became part of the Second Dominate, another Sword World's state. From the locals point of view this results in some changes in their governments upper levels, but in most respects nothing changed. Each of the traditional eight factions, each centred around a stronghold continued to bicker with each other. The result was that technological development virtually stopped.Off-world the First Frontier war was raging, but Cunnonic remained untouched, a backwater. Only the Darrians watching trends within the Second Dominate. Biding their time.

The Second Frontier War erupted in 615, Cunnonic still part of the Second Dominate. The war again failed to touch Cunnonic, and the system was still part of the Second Dominate when the war ended in 622. But the war had also brought to light in the Dominate and in 698 it was overthrown by the Gram Coalition, resulting in yet another change of leadership on Cunnonic.

Finally the Darrians saw their chance, and in 788 fought a short war with the Gram Coalition. This had two principal effects, one the Coalition collapsed, and two Cunnonic finally came back to the Darrians. On Cunnonic this "liberation" was not universally applauded by the factionalised locals. Cunnonic had been effectively a Sword World for nearly three centuries, and remained a thorn in Darrians side.

In 852 the Sword World's Confederation was formed, and Cunnonic again changed hands when the Sword World's Confederation struck suddenly in 950, retaking the world from the Darrians. Cunnonic remained part of the Sword World's Confederation from then until the Fourth Frontier war when the system again became part of the Darrian Confederation.

Today sympathy for the Sword World's Confederation remains high in some factions on Cunnonic. Darrian has responded by investing huge sums to improve the startport and raise the local tech level. The most contentious program however is a program, based on the Regency's, to settle large numbers of Darrians on Cunnonic and make the Sword World descendents the minority on the world. Needless to say dissent is high in the system and the Darrian Confederation government will be making a decision on whether to place garrison troops in some of the ancient strongholds.

Traveller Land Grab - The Planet Cunnonic