Technology of the Near Space Region

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In terms of the game Traveller the technology in the overall campaign is broadly tech level 10 moving into tech level 11 and 12 in some regions and lagging in others.

Technology is not evenly developed however. For example Earth in the United Worlds Commonwealth is rated as Traveller Tech Level 11, Cygne in Le Royaume des Etoiles du Cygne is nominally at Traveller Tech Level 10 and the Grand Duchy of Grenadine is at a solid Tech Level 9.

One change that should be noted is that the faster than light system used is not Travellers standard Jump Drive, instead it is what Core Spacers term the Hyperspace Translation Drive. This owes a lot to Stutterwarp from GDWs game 2300 and Babylon 5's depictions of hyperspace.

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Technology of the Near Space Region