Daniel Etienne Varananov

Daniel Etienne Varananov

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Daniel Etienne Varananov was born on Earth and is apparently employed by the UWC Scout Service. In actuality he is employed by a covert department of the Ministry of Information, United Worlds Commonwealth, who have assigned him as a field agent.

He did not always work for this department however. He was initially attracted to a life of exploration and joined the UWC Scout service, in which he proved to have a knack of being able to avoid or minimise the effects of dangerous events. He was commissioned and promoted (O2). His superiors must have suspected there was something to his knack and had his tested for psi potential.

His career took a radical change and he was assigned to department P, initially (Terms 2-3) picking up much experience and training in his psi talents. Before finally being placed in the field (Terms 4-5) as an undercover agent. Which is where he remains as a deep cover agent.

Currently Daniel is assigned to an Improved Outreach class armoured scout where he is again acting as a scout, at least on the surface, but he and his ship mates to seem to draw a number of interesting assignments.

Recently however Daniel has begun to resent the way he and his fellow psis are distrusted, he feels that they are used by the department and then locked away "Break glass in case of emergency." As a result Daniel is now looking for a way to safely extricate himself and as many of his fellows from the department as possible.

Daniel Etienne Varananov Age: 37 Human
Homeworld: Earth A867A89-B
Str 10 Term 1 Scouts
Agl 7   Commissioned, Promoted
Con 7   Special Adventure
Int 9   Government Contact, +3 Ship DM Scout
Edu 11 Term 2 Psion
Chr 10   Promoted, Special Adventure
Psi 9   Intelligence Contact, Psi Specialist Contact
Soc 6 Term 3 Psion
Initiative 6   Promoted, Special Adventure
UCD 7   Government Contact, Intelligence Contact
Hit Capacity 14 Head   2 Government Contacts, +1Ship DM Scout/Yacht
  51 Chest Term 4 Undercover Agent
  34 Other   Promoted, Special Adventure
Mass 92 kg   1 Intelligence Contact, +1Ship DM Scout
Load 51 kg Term 5 Undercover Agent
Throw Range 40 m   1 Intelligence Contact, +1Ship DM Scout

Strength Education
Armed Martial Arts (Lge Bde)-2 Astrogation-1
Slug Weapon (Pistol)-5 Communications-1
Unarmed Martial Arts-7 Computer-2
Agility Xeno-Biology-1
Muscle Transport (Skis)-1 Charisma
Constitution Disguise-1
Environment Suit-1 Interrogation-2
  Language (French)-1
Intelligence Language (Telkar)-1
Observation-3 Leadership-1
Streetwise-1 Psionics
Survival-1 Telepathy (Probe)-6
Willpower-6 Telepercep (Clairaudience)-3
  Arcane (Foreboding)-3

Total Ship DMs +5 Scout/Courier
120,000 Credits
Daniel Etienne Varananov