Cyrus Tanlis

Cyrus Tanlis

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Cyrus Tanlis was born of middle class parents in the Sirius Major colony of the Sirius system. Sirius Major being a corporate state. Sirius Major itself is a heavily populated asteroid world with a spun habitat producing 0.6G. It was into this environment of corporate wheeler-dealing that Cyrus immersed himself.

In this environment Cyrus thrived, winning a prestigious corporate scholarship to the University of Sirius. From the day he graduated he devoted his life to "his" corporation, Sirius Corp. and swiftly moved through the ranks.

After eight years learning the ropes in various managorial positions Sirius Corp transferred him to their "Diplomatic" division and he was posted to Earth, eventually becomming Sirius Corps chief "ambassador" to Earth. (Actually for the Sirius Trade Federation but Sirius Corp pays his bills.)

It was then that his troubles began. As a result of a somewhat dodgy deal carried out by Hades Mining, a medium sized corporation of the Sirius Trade Federation, accusations of graft were made against Cyrus and he was recalled to Sirius. The allegations were found to be untrue, but the damage had been done, and after being employed his entire working life by Sirius Corp he was dismissed.

As a consequence Cyrus Tanlis has a deep seated resentment against the corporation he formally thought of as his family, but has a hatred against the people, he has yet to establish who, who destroyed his reputation.

Cyrus himself is a tall lightly built man with greying hair. He appears to have a gambling and alcohol problem. In actuality this is an act and he is actually searching for the people who destroyed his career. Vengeance is what motivates him.

Cyrus Tanlis Age: 49 Human
Homeworld: Sirius Major A0009CB-B
Str 4 Term 1 Undergraduate (University of Sirius)
Agl 5   1 Journalism Contact
Con 4 Term 2 Manager
Int 10   Special Adventure,Promoted
Edu 9   Government Contact, +1 Ship DM Trader
Chr 7 Term 3 Manager
Psi -   Special Adventure, Promoted
Soc 13   Business Contact, +1Ship DM Trader
Initiative 3 Term 4 Diplomat
UCD 1   Special Adventure,Promoted
Hit Capacity 8 Head   2 Government Contacts, +1Ship DM Scout/Yacht
  24 Chest Term 5 Diplomat
  16 Other   Promoted
Mass 76 kg   2 Government Contacts, +1Ship DM Scout/Yacht
Load 24 kg Term 6 Diplomat
Throw Range 16 m   Promoted
      2 Government Contacts, +1Ship DM Scout/Yacht
    Term 7 Diplomat
      Special Adventure, Promoted
      2 Government Contacts, +1Ship DM Scout/Yacht
    Term 8 Diplomat
      Special Adventure, Promoted
      2 Government Contacts, +1Ship DM Scout/Yacht

Strength Education
Slug Weapon (Pistol)-6 Computer-2
Agility Marketing-4
Pilot (Interface/Grav)-2  
Constitution Act/Bluff-3
Environment Suit-2 Bargain-2
High-G Environment-1 Bribery-3
Zero-G Environment-1 Carousing-2
Intelligence Language (French)-3
Gambling-4 Language (German)-2
Observation-4 Leadership-3
Psychology-3 Liaison-1
Streetwise-1 Persuasion-4
Willpower-1 Recruiting-2


Total Ship DMs +2 Trader, +5 Scout or Yacht
370,000 Credits
Cyrus Tanlis