Timeline of the Banners Sector Campaign

Campaign Timeline

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The Timeline produced below is a rough outline of events in the Banners sector. It is definitely not complete., and will be added to as more details are fleshed out. Dates are in the Terran calander as that is what the human settlements brought with them when they began colonising their portions of the sector.

2048 A fleet of bussard ram jet sub-light colony ships depart from Earth for various destinations.
3428 Several bussard ram jet colony ships decellerate into what will become known as the Alston star system.
3520 Sub-light colony ships from Earth decellerate into what will become called the Delsun system.
3650 The principal government on Alston becomes a feudal technocracy. The city of Calston on Alston is founded by people who object to the feudal technocracy. Technology on Alston stabilises at TL5
3730 The last fusion reactor on Alston fails and brings about the collapse of the feudal technocracy as the people rise against the technocrat rulers.
3800 Calston on Alston regains tech level 6.
3900 In the east of Alston the self-styled emperor of Alston, Halden Vandemere rules, and established a planet wide network of spies.
3920 Calston on Alston achieves tech level 7. The "empire" under Halden Vandemere, thanks to his spies is only a decade behind. Emperor Vandemere attempts to conquer Calston.
3926 The war on Alston enters a new phase with the widespread use of bio and nuclear weaponry. The "empire" is destroyed, along with its emperor and capital city in a nuclear explosion. Tech level falls to TL4
4001 The Woal Warliyir begin an attempt to expand into the Grange (Later Hope) subsector. Triggering off a series of wars between the Woal Warliyir and the human settled systems of the subsector.
4005 The final, climactic battle fought between the Woal Warliyir and the human systems of the Grange subsector takes place in the Georgia system in what becomes known as the "Battle of the Banners." The result was a pyrric victory for the humans. The human commander admiral Canning Xiang being killed and the Georgia system devastated. But the war was over and the Woal Warliyir never again threatened the worlds of the Grange subsector.
4276 After centuries of reconstruction and renewed progress under the oligarchic Alston Renewers, the planet Alston regains tech level 8 and begins to establish colonies throughout the star system.
4350 Some of Alstons in-system colonies demand represenation on the Council of Alston Renewers. The council refuses and tnesions begin to rise. The demonstration known as the battle of Calston Square occurs with many civilian deaths and the Council of Alston Renewers overthrown.
4352 Alston has its first democratic elections.
4354 The first jump drive ship, from the Virian Belt, enters the Alston system and a trading confederation is set up using the TL9 jump-1 ships of Virian.
4357 Alston begins construction of its own jump ships and a friendly rivalry with Virian begins. The Trade Confederation grows to encompass a total of nine systems which can be reached by jump-1.
4466 The planet Khealakh is settled by the surviving remnants of the Aoiftu clan of Aslan. The Aoiftu fleeing both the Aslan Hierates "cultural purge" and the systems occupied by the Woal Warliyir.
4543 Ships of the Trade Confederation reach jump-2 one of the results being contact with the Aslan state of Aoiftu Roakh.
4580 Aslan from Aoiftu Roakh begin to settle on the worlds of the Trade Confederation receiving land in exchange for military service. War breaks out between the Aslan state of Woal Warliyir and the human settlements around it
4590 The Trade Confederation cedes the Stiysekh cluster to the Aoiftu Roakh and a free trade agreement comes into force between the Confederation and the Aoiftu Roakh.
4710 The Lyonesse incident occurs when a Trade Confederation vessel is seized by a vessel of the Delsun Comagistrant, followed six weeks later by a nuclear strike on the planet Marchon, a member of the Trade Confederation. War between the Trade Confederation and the Delsun Comagistrant begins.
4720 After ten years, the war between the Trade Confederation and the Delsun Comagistrant finally ends when neither side has sufficient forces left to prosecute the war any further. The Delsun Comagistrant is reduced to four systems, and the Trade Confederation falls apart, its member worlds going their own way. Coreward the pyrric battle of the banners, which gives its name to the sector has occurred. The war between the Woal Warliyir and the human colonies ends but the Woal Warliyir begin to place pressure on the Aoiftu Roakh. This prevents the Aoiftu Roakh from filling the void produced by the collapse of the Trade Confederation.
5108 Exploration vessels from the Third Imperium contact Alston.
5390 Rumours of internal problems within the Third Imperium begin to reach Alston.
5393 The first vessels from the Solomani Confederation begin visiting Alston. Confirming the problems within the Third Imperium. A small amount of trade begins to flow.
5509 Refugees from the Solomani Rim war enter the sector. A Third Imperium Scout Cruiser enters the Alston system and almost starts a battle between the Imperial and Solomani vessels in the system. This is only prevented by the Alston system placing some of its own ships between the two potential aggressors.
5538 An Alston destroyer drives off a squadron of four smaller Delsun Comagistrate ships. No further threat from the Delsun Comagistrate is felt by Alston.
5649 The Regal class battlecruiser Imperic Star operated by the Third Imperiums Imperial Interstellar Scout Service misjumps into the Alston system infected with virus., because of the bravery of the scouts the virus on board the battlecruiser had been largely contained, but the virus managed to inflict massive damage to Alstons shipyards and orbital facilities and several nuclear missiles hit the planet.
5650- Alston begins what the locals call the virus war, having repaired much of the damage caused by the Imperic Star vampire. Alston recovers to a stable tech level 11 and begins new construction of starships.

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Timeline of the Banners Sector Campaign