The Solomani Confederation Within Banners

The Solomani Confederation Within Banners

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The Solomani Confederation has had contact with the worlds of the Banners Sector from the Confederations origin. Most of the human settled worlds within the Banners sector were settled by people from worlds which became part of the Confederation, and many originally came from Earth itself. The earliest human colonies within the Banners sector were settled via sublight transports launched from Earth before the jump drive came into use there.

A number of colonies were also established by the Terran Confederation. The ties between these colonies and Earth, and later the Solomani Confederation were tenuous but never the less were still present.

Some trade between the worlds of the Banners sector and the Solomani Confederation did occur, though not in great quantities due to the shipping distances. Most of these trade entered the Confederation via the worlds of the Dante subsector then via various routes into Confederation space in the Canopus sector.

It is likely that the long term goals of the Solomani Confederation within the Banners sector was to incorporate the human settled worlds of the sector and the independent systems between Banners and Confederation territory in Canopus into an enlarged Confederation. As part of this policy the Solomani Confederation contributed large amounts of military aid to human dominated systems within Banners, especially in the Dante, Hope, Chaldea and League subsectors. Much of this aid consisted of older warships, generally of TL13 and older TL14 designs. Partly this was to demonstrate the technology of the Solomani Confederation, and partly to give the Aslan Hierate and the Woal Warliyir expansion difficulties within the sector.

In the event the Confederation never absorbed any worlds from the sector. This was largely the result of the first Solomani Rim War which left the Confederation exhausted. Then the Confederation turned its resources back towards the Solomani Rim where they remained until virus struck them down.

Within the Banners some aid did still continue to arrive until virus, newer ships, other military and technological aid, but compared to the earlier period this was just a tithe. The principal benefit received by the sector as a result of the Rim War was in the form of an additional wave of colonists.

Post virus there has been no contact with the Solomani Confederation, and those worlds using the now aged military vessels and equipment are worried about how to maintain this equipment. It is only a matter of time before one of the emerging polities sends an expedition into the Confederation looking for news, and parts for their Solomani designed or built ships.

The Solomani Confederation Within Banners