The Aioftu Roakh

The Aoiftu Roakh

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The Aioftu Roakh prior to virus
The Aoiftu Roakh prior to the collapse

The Aoiftu Roakh just prior to its destruction by virus controlled twenty-four star systems spread across two sub-sectors and was one of the dominant states within the Banners sector.

The population of the Aoiftu Roakh consisted principally of racial Fteirle (Aslan). Which like those of the Hierate were divided amongst a number of clans. The Aoiftu Roakh clans as they evolved, were not entirely distinct bloodlines. Family relationships had remained important to the Aoiftu but they had gradually become more like corporations. In some regards these were similar to the corporations of Japan on old Earth in the mid twentieth century.

With each "clan" eventually being run like a mercantile company it was inevitable that the government of the Aoiftu Roakh evolved into a corporate regulatory body. The Aoiftu Roakh was responsible for interstellar relations and was the arbitor between clans when disputes arose.

Each clan effectively had a board of directors. Position on the board was determined by the individuals success in lower level mercantile activity. The sex based dicotomy found within the Aslan Hierate had been lost in the Aoiftu Roakh, proving that the bias within the Hierate was primarily a cultural rather than genetic one. Several clans had male Aslan looking after the day to day running of the clan, several regiments were made up entirely of female Aslan, and these had the reputation of being the toughest, nastiest troops in the sector.

The Aioftu Roakh